Let's See the People Behind the Magic

Anyone can have a good idea, the true power is in having the people that can make it a reality. Investors want to know if your team has what it takes to go from idea to product to domination. Convince investors that if there’s anyone who’s going to achieve what you plan on doing, it’s your team and no one else

1. Inviting Team Members and Investors

First step is to invite team members and investors, which you can do under the 'Team' tab. When you invite a member, Wefunder will send them an email to sign up and confirm their role. 

You then have a choice to add their info yourself or let them take care of it. Regardless of which option you choose, all members should have a photo and brief description of what they do at your business. 

Example: Magnises

2. The Importance of Previous Investors

Before investors choose to commit themselves to your startup, they'll want to know who else is coming to the party. And like a party, you want investors to know all the cool kids are coming. Reveal any prominent previous investors and new investors will feel safer about handing you their money.

Example: Flaviar

3. Sharing Your Story

Graduating from elite schools or success in previous ventures is important information, but the big winner is always a good story. If you have a unique tale behind your startup, shout it from the rooftops—or just right here on your profile. Investors have respect for Founders who hustle and do whatever it takes to get their business going. 

Example: Dealflicks

These guys travelled across the country in a van, hitting up theater owners personally in order to pitch their business. They slept in the back of their cars and took showers at 24 hour fitness. Now, that's hustling!


A Team Who Gives a Damn

Investors should leave the 'Team' portion with more information than a resumé. Sure, they want to know your qualifications, but they also want to know your drive. Let investors peer into heart of your business, and assure them that not only are you skilled, you're damn well passionate.